Occupational Health

Occupational health should not be viewed as a cost, it is an astute investment. We here at Grange Road Family Practice strongly believe that the healthier your workforce, the healthier your business.

At Grange Road Family practice we believe that healthy staff are productive staff. You have already invested heavily in recruiting and training your workforce, so you should protect that investment by using occupational health resources.

We at Grange Road Family Practice offer the following

  • occupational health or work assessments
  • pre placement health assessments
  • medical fitness for work
  • health surveillance
  • health screening
  • health promotion
  • Onsite flu clinics

At grange Road Family Practice we carry out independent assessments of employees’ fitness in relation to work.

  • Assessments of medical fitness to be at work
  • Assessment of medical fitness to return to work following illness or absence
  • Assessments where work may be causing health problems or health may be interfering with work
  • Ill health retirement assessments

Health Promotion and Education

The promotion of a healthier lifestyle by staff is actively encouraged by Grange Road Family Practice as it will have a positive impact on both employees and company health.
We provide information on

  • Nutrition
  • Smoking cessation
  • Stress management
  • Healthy lifestyle

Pre – employment  Health Screenings

  • At Grange Road Family Practice our aim is to ensure that the candidate is fit for the specific work tasks. Our focus is to assess the candidate’s fitness to do the job, to ensure that they can work safely without causing damage to their health or to that of other employees. We will advise/suggest on any work modifications required to enable the candidate perform the job safely and effectively.